Pain after knee replacement surgery – its causes and how to treat it.

Surgeries that target the replacement of the knee joint are important procedures for people who suffer from chronic problems in the joint, and although the operation helps to improve movement and relieve pain, there are some patients who complain of pain after the operation to replace the knee joint.
What are the causes of pain, and does it cause anxiety, and how to treat this pain, and what are the most important guidelines for treating pain after knee replacement surgery and reducing swelling and irritation? You can find all this and more between the lines of this article – follow us.

Causes of pain after knee replacement surgery

After surgery, it is usual to have some pain and swelling, however, the patient should monitor the level of pain and contact the doctor if the pain becomes severe or unbearable.
The pain after knee joint replacement surgery is due to several reasons. The pain may be due to swelling and irritation in the area surrounding the new joint, or it may be due to the general healing process of the body after surgery.

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Feeling pain after knee replacement surgery – is it cause for concern?

Often, feeling pain is a normal thing after the operation with many patients, but this pain is bearable and can be controlled with the prescribed medications. It should also be noted that this pain gradually decreases with the passage of days to completely disappear within one to two weeks.
But if the feeling of pain is unbearable and persists for long periods, here we recommend the need to refer to the attending physician to ensure the safety of the operation and the absence of any complications.

How can pain be relieved after knee replacement surgery?

Many patients fear the idea of feeling pain, they mainly resort to knee joint replacement surgery to control the pain they were suffering during movement before, so we always find patients asking about how to control pain after knee joint replacement surgery, let us remind you of the most important points that help you In easily overcoming this period

Treating pain after replacing the knee joint with medication

  • The doctor is aware of the possibility of your feeling pain after knee joint replacement surgery, so he prescribes you a group of strong medications to control the pain.
  • Injection of a long-acting drug called liposomal bupivacaine. The doctor injects this substance in the area around the knee immediately after the operation, which reduces the feeling of pain after the operation and contributes to the speed of recovery.
  • Analgesics: Simple analgesics such as paracetamol or ibuprofen can help relieve pain after the operation. You should consult your doctor before taking any medication to ensure the appropriateness and correct dosage.
  • Preventive treatment: Your doctor may recommend nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to help reduce inflammation and relieve pain. These medications can be effective in speeding up the recovery process and improving movement.

Pain treatment after knee joint replacement with physiotherapy

There is no doubt that physiotherapy plays a major role in speeding recovery and getting rid of pain after knee joint replacement surgery. You have to follow some exercises during the operation, the most important of which are:

  • Motor exercises: Doctors usually recommend starting physical therapy sessions after surgery to strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee and improve flexibility and movement. Directed motor exercises can also strengthen the knee and relieve chronic pain.
  • Heat therapy: Heat can be used after surgery to relieve pain and muscle tension, and a physiotherapist can advise you to use heating pads or warm baths to apply heat.
  • Tissue massage: A gentle massage of the tissues around the knee can help improve blood circulation and reduce muscle tension and pain.

However, an individual should always consult a doctor before taking any medications or starting any kind of physical therapy after knee replacement surgery, as the doctor can provide the correct and appropriate directions based on the individual case and the results of the surgery, as the treatment plan differs from one patient to another.

Can pain after knee replacement surgery be an indication of a serious problem?

Pain is usually normal after the procedure, but in some cases, the pain can be an indication of a serious problem such as an infection or a blood clot.
If the pain increases suddenly or is accompanied by unusual symptoms such as a high temperature or exaggerated swelling, the patient should contact the doctor immediately.

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Tips for relieving pain after knee joint replacement from home

  • Dr. Bajad Hisham (teacher and consultant of orthopedics, joints and laparoscopic surgery at the Faculty of Medicine of Kasr Al-Ainy, fellow of the Royal College of Orthopedics and Traumatology) mentions the most important advice that was followed by many patients, which led to the emergence of remarkable progress in their cases, the disappearance of pain and access to a rapid recovery, let us mention These are the most important tips for you:
  • First of all, the patient must strictly follow the doctor’s post-surgery instructions, including taking the prescribed medications, doing the prescribed exercises, and knowing that each case is different from the other. You should not take the advice to take a specific medication from a previous patient.
  • Take care of physical therapy exercises; And make sure that it plays a big role in making a full recovery as soon as possible. Where physical therapy helps to strengthen the muscles surrounding the joint, improve movement and relieve pain.
  • The patient must get a sufficient amount of rest and avoid strenuous activities that may increase the pain, for a period of two to four weeks, and not return to normal activity until after making sure of full recovery.
  • The wound should be kept clean and dry and the doctor’s instructions for changing dressings should be followed.
  • Applying ice is one of the effective ways to reduce pain, inflammation and swelling after surgery. You can put an ice bag or something similar on the knee for 15-20 minutes every 2 to 3 hours in the first days after the operation.
  • Maintain a certain amount of movement daily, provided that this amount increases day after day; To avoid stiffness or clots in the joint.
  • You should refrain from placing weight on the injured knee for a period of time after surgery. You may use assistive devices such as crutches to reduce pressure on the joint.
  • While resting, elevate the affected foot above the level of the heart using a pillow or movable pillow. This helps reduce swelling and pain.
  • Use a compression bandage on the knee to reduce swelling and support the joint. The bandage should be applied correctly and bandaged tightly, but without excessive pressure.
  • Maintain regular follow-up appointments with the doctor, and do not wait to feel pain again to go to him.

All these tips help you to get through the post-knee replacement period safely and get you to a quick recovery.

Pain recovery after knee replacement surgery

With the passage of time, the pain should gradually improve after the surgery, however, the recovery time varies from person to person according to the general health condition, the type of procedure that was taken, whether it is a partial or total joint replacement, the patient’s age, and other factors.
Some people may take weeks or even months to notice a complete improvement in pain, but most often the pain goes away completely within two to four weeks after surgery.

This was about the most important tips for relieving pain after knee replacement surgery. For more advice or to seek help, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Bajad Hisham Center (teacher and consultant of orthopedics, joints and laparoscopic surgery – Kasr Al-Aini Faculty of Medicine)
We have a full medical team whose mission is to answer all your inquiries and work to help you at all times. All you have to do is contact us now and leave us the task of making you feel comfortable.

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