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Shoulder Injuries

Dr. Begad conducts all types of shoulder procedures, and is highly specialized in each one of them.

Knee Injuries

Apart from shoulder injuries, knee injuries are one of doctor Begad's specialties. He knows all its ins and outs.

About Us

About Dr. Begad

Dr. Begad Abdelrazek is an uprising highly specialized Orthopedic surgeon. He is specialized in shoulder and knee diseases and injuries; performing all arthroscopic and open surgeries of the shoulder and knee, including Arthroplasties (Joint replacements).

About Our Clinic

Begad Abdelrazek’s Shoulder and Knee Clinic was established in Sept 2021. Our Clinic is located in one of the most elite and elegant central medical towers in Sheikh Zayed City. It is Easily accessible for our patients. The clinic is meant to provide our patients with the ideal clinical encounter.

Visit Us

Dr. Begad’s clinic is always open to help and serve each and every one of his dear patients. Dr. Begad provides his patients with a wide variety of clinics to conduct visitations at multiple locations and timings. 

Working Hours

Sunday: 6:30PM - 8:30PM
Monday: 5PM - 7PM
Wednesday: 6PM - 8PM

Our Location

Rivulet Twin Medical Towers 26th of July Corridor. Sheikh Zayed City - Building (D) 6th Floor Clinic(J)

Sheikh Zayed Clinic

Working Hours

Sunday: 5 PM - 7 PM
Tuesday: 5PM - 7PM

Our Location

13 El-Batal Ahmed Abdelaziz, Mohandessin, Giza 2nd Floor 10 Apartment

Mohandessin Clinic