Meniscus surgery cost

The cost of meniscus surgery is not the same for all patients. Rather, it differs from one case to another, considering many factors that are evaluated by the doctor to determine the most appropriate cost for the operation.

Meniscus surgery cost

There are various factors that are used as a basis for determining the cost of meniscus surgery, and they include the following:

  • The implementation strategy that is approved by the doctor after adequate evaluation of the case.
  • The situation of the case when making the treatment decision.
  • the extent of the damage; If the damage is limited to the meniscus only, the cost is different than if the damage extends to some of the knee ligaments.
  • The amount of experience possessed by the doctor and those who assist him.

Advice after meniscus surgery

After clarifying the most important things that are relied upon when wanting to accurately determine the cost of the meniscus operation, we move on to another very important part, in which we mention the most important advice that can be given after this operation to reduce the recovery period from it.

عملية الغضروف الهلالي بالمنظار

In general, the patient often needs only three months to be able to practice his normal activities. However, this healing process can be accelerated by following some of the tips explained in the following paragraphs.

during the first to third week

  • During the end of the first week, the doctor usually decides that it is not necessary for the patient to stay in the hospital; Therefore, he is given permission to go out, taking care to adhere to the required instructions.
  • The patient should avoid wearing pants while standing. He should be sitting.
  • If you want to put on a stocking or a pair of pants, start with the affected limb.
  • Changing the sitting position at least once every 45 minutes, sitting should not last much longer than this period.
  • If you want to sit, both feet should be extended.
  • You should also use a chair if you want to take a shower. In order to avoid falling at any time.

سعر عملية منظار الكتف

Within between a month and a month and a half

  • During this period, it is very noticeable to the patient that a large degree of improvement has already occurred, and the knee becomes strong to a significant degree, and all of these things can be improved further if some special exercises are practiced.
  • Care must be taken by the patient to make the level of the affected limb continuously elevated, in addition to using ice packs on it.
  • Here, the patient is also required to continue using certain analgesic medications that the doctor deems appropriate for him.
  • The patient should inform the doctor at any time if he develops unusual pain or if the minor pains that he may have felt before increase in intensity.

Within between one and a half and three months

During this period, the patient will be able to perform many activities, in addition to being able to drive normally.

Sometimes it is possible for the patient to feel some pain that has disappeared before, and it appears especially when the foot is tired for any reason. Therefore, the patient should pay attention to the following:

  • Continue to use appropriate analgesic medications.
  • Adhere to all doctor’s instructions.
  • Also, continue to practice special exercises that will improve the condition of the meniscus and prepare it to return to normal.

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Here we have finished talking about the cost of the meniscus operation, which differs for many factors that we mentioned above, and we have also clarified some tips that are believed to be useful in accelerating the recovery step after this operation.