Knee replacement surgery price in Egypt 2023

Many people suffer from problems in the knee joint, which may lead to severe pain and difficulty in movement, and in the event of failure to respond to traditional treatments, knee joint replacement surgery may be the only option to get rid of this problem, and the price of knee joint replacement surgery in Egypt is for him A major role in making the decision to perform this operation or not.

In our center, we are exposed to many questions about the cost of knee replacement surgery, so we decided to write this article to answer all your inquiries about this point – follow us.

Factors affecting the cost of knee replacement surgery

It is possible to hear different prices when you ask about the price of a knee replacement surgery in Egypt between different centers; This is due to the presence of many factors that affect the cost of knee replacement surgery, and the most important of these factors is what we mention to you in the coming paragraphs.

The general health condition of the patient and the degree of medical care he needs

This is the main factor in determining the price of knee replacement surgery, as patients differ from each other in many factors, for example age or the presence of some chronic diseases, which makes the need for additional medical care during and after the operation.

The cost of the examinations required before the operation

The doctor may ask you for several tests before undergoing a knee joint replacement operation, in order to reach a proper diagnosis and ensure that there are no contraindications to the surgery.

The degree of damage to the joint

The degree of damage suffered by the joint may vary from one patient to another, so we find that there is a patient who has an injury in some parts of the joint who needs a partial replacement of the knee joint, and another patient who suffers from damage or complete shattering of the joint and therefore needs a total replacement of the knee joint.

The type of artificial joint used

The types of industrial joints and their manufacturers differ, so you should ask carefully about the type of joint used and make sure of its quality.

The type of technology used in the process

Many techniques can be used in the process of replacing the knee joint, for example, some doctors may resort to the traditional surgical opening with a surgical scalpel, and others prefer to use laser technology to reduce exposure to the risk of bleeding, and of course the cost of knee replacement surgery varies in each case.

The medical center and its readiness with the latest tools and devices

Orthopedic surgery is constantly evolving, and there are many devices that are being invented day after day. The use of these modern devices and tools makes us able to achieve the required results with the least feeling of pain or exposure to any complications.

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The experience of the doctor and surgeons involved in the operation

The most important factor that you should look for is the experience of the attending physician, whatever the price of the knee joint replacement surgery – make sure that your reliance on a highly experienced doctor saves you from more suffering after the surgery in case you are exposed to any complications or failure of the operation, God forbid.

Duration of treatment and aftercare

Post-operative care also contributes to determining the cost, and the duration of this care may vary according to the patient’s condition, and the degree of care required also has a role in determining the cost.

All these factors make the cost vary from one patient to another, and make a doctor’s visit and examination necessary to determine the appropriate cost of treatment; Therefore, if you want to know the exact cost, you can contact us now so that the medical team collects the necessary information to determine the required cost.

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The average price of knee replacement surgery

We also mentioned that the prices of knee replacement surgery in Egypt vary according to many factors, the most important of which is the patient’s condition and the procedures he requires to reach a full recovery, but in general, we find that the cost of knee replacement surgery ranges from 90,000 to 120,000 Egyptian pounds Inclusive of all examinations and hospital costs.

Our advice to any patient is always not to put the price as a primary factor in choosing a medical center, but rather to choose based on many criteria for choosing the best knee replacement doctor – the most important of these criteria is the experience of the attending physician; This is because it is precisely this factor that enables you to obtain satisfactory results.

Before starting the process of changing the knee joint, you should ask about the total cost of the operation, and if you want to get a distinguished medical service at an affordable price, do not hesitate to contact us now at Dr. Royal College of Orthopedics and Traumatology) – Contact us now to tell you the cost of all treatment plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the cost of knee replacement surgery include hospitalization fees?

Yes, the cost of knee replacement surgery includes hospitalization and aftercare fees.

How long aftercare does the patient need after knee replacement surgery?

The duration of the aftercare for patients varies according to the state of health and the extent of advanced age, and in most cases it ranges between 3 to 7 days, and patients must obtain complete rest in the post-operative period.

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