The best orthopedic doctor in Egypt

Many are trying to find the best orthopedic doctor in Egypt to repair bone fractures. With the aim of restoring the bones to their normal shape and function.

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The best orthopedic doctor in Egypt

There are many criteria that can be considered as indicators of a particular doctor being the best orthopedic doctor in Egypt, those criteria that include each of the following:

  • Scientific certificates in his possession.
  • What is the scientific status in his specialty.
  • How keen is he to perform his task to the fullest.
  • The extent of his ability to guide the patient to what is required of him after the operation.
  • What the clinic or center contains of modern equipment and technologies.
  • Appreciate the knowledge, experience and expertise that nursing has in the clinic.
  • The extent to which both the doctor and the nurse are committed to applying the latest infection control standards.
  • The extent of the doctor’s interest in learning about everything new in his specialty.
  • The amount of attention the patient receives from the doctor before, during and after the operation.
  • The extent to which the doctor is keen to inform his patient of all the details of his medical condition, in addition to the available means of treatment, whether medical, physical or surgical, in a clear and simplified manner.
  • The extent to which the doctor is also keen to avoid unnecessary surgical intervention by choosing the therapeutic method that achieves the required goals with the least possible intervention.

Orthopedist in Sheikh Zayed

Bone fracture repair operations

  • Many resort to searching for the best orthopedist in Egypt when a problem occurs in the bones, such as fractures, or a problem in some tissues, such as ligaments, muscles, or cartilage.
  • The process of repairing a bone fracture is a process in which an intervention is made to restore the broken parts of the bones to their normal position, whether in terms of shape or function.
  • It is not a requirement that surgical incisions be made in this process and the bones exposed; Rather, there are some cases that only need a medical splint.
  • In these operations, the doctor evaluates the condition well, then determines the most appropriate method of treatment, based on several criteria, the most important of which are: the location of the bones, the shape of the fracture, and others.
  • The most appropriate method of treatment comes in two ways; The first method is to return the broken parts to their normal place from the outside and then fix them in the same place with a medical splint placed on them from the outside to prevent the movement of any of these parts, in what is known as external fixation, and it is not considered a surgery in itself.
  • The second method is surgical intervention to expose these broken parts to the eye, then the doctor returns them to their normal places, and then they are fixed in the same place using strips and nails, or a spinal nail, or metal wires, in what is known as internal fixation, then the wound is closed again, Which requires a high degree of accuracy, which requires some to search for the most intelligent orthopedic doctor in Egypt to perform it.

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Here we have finished our conversation, which was entitled the best orthopedic doctor in Egypt; Where we have clarified a set of criteria that are useful in evaluating the doctor and determining his preference over others.. We have also explained some details related to bone fracture repair operations.